What is Search Engine Optimisation?


  • Google developed as a hyper textual search engine
  • Google has a respect and passion for editorial integrity and returns a set of results (usually ten) to the end user upon entry of a search query.
  • Google has developed an algorithm to filter results into a digestible format for the end users and strives to make these the best and most accurate returns that it can.

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) ?

  • The field of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is concerned with maximising the visibility and profitability of a website / online offering by making its listings appear more frequently and more prominently in the natural (right hand side) search results.

The Value of Natural Rankings

  • Perception is of an established, reputable business.
  • Significantly higher convertibility and brand strength
  • Difficult to attain and thus drives a tactical and long term advantage once secured
  • Not appearing in the natural listings benefits your competitors, who will receive the organic traffic.

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On-Page Content

  • On-page content (text)
  • Keyword density
  • Relevant and informative pages of content
  • Articles that speak informatively upon the subject matter you are seeking to rank for
  • Fresh and up to date information that keeps your site interesting to Google and the public
  • “Long tail” word combinations – ie. capturing traffic from wider terms which are often less competitive but more convertible

Off-Page Content

  • Title tag – Very important
  • Meta description – Important
  • Meta tag (keywords) – significantly Less important (right-click to View Source on a web page)