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We are a Digital Recruitment agency with a difference...

A Recruitment Agency run by Digital Marketers for Digital Marketers.

If you’re a client…looking for digital marketing talent, you can rely on SMG to do the heavy lifting for you.  You won’t have to weed out candidates from a long list – we’ll already have done it for you.  And because we’ve got experience in every arena of the industry, we ask the right questions to ensure your shortlist has the best answers for now and for in the future.

If you’re a candidate…looking for the next step in your career, you’ll find a perfect partner with SMG.  When you speak to one of our consultants, you’ll have the ear of a fellow professional – someone who’s worked where you’ve worked and done what you do.  That means we appreciate the network of experiences and skillsets that represent the difference between your right career step and the wrong one.

With over 30 years of digital marketing experience in our ranks, we’re perfectly qualified to bring the right candidate and the right employer together first time.


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Every member of our staff has a track record of success in digital marketing – from Web Design and Site Development to SEO and PPC; from Email Marketing and CRO to Copywriting and Big Data Analysts.

That is why, in a world of recruiters, we stand out because we have the knowledge that others lack – the knowledge needed to find the best answers to sophisticated questions.

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