SMG are independent search marketing specialists, offering bespoke SEO, PPC and website development services to help you maximise the reach and conversion potential of your website.

As a Google and Bing accredited search marketing company, our target is to optimise our client’s online provision to ensure that their site achieves its potential, both in regards to traffic and in terms of ROI generation.

We have over one hundred clients in many different market sectors and, from our offices in The Lake District and central Manchester, we ensure a wholly UK-based and in house proposition.

Our staff come from a range of academic backgrounds including digital but also mathematics, computer sciences, psychology and law.  They include GA and PPC qualified individuals plus technical developers, link builders and copywriters.

We are one of the very few Search Marketing Companies that has (and needs) less sales staff than technical staff. Everyone works in house and we do not outsource, this allows us to deliver the best possible quality services; services that incorporate the full gamut of search marketing, including:

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Pay Per Click management
  • Social Media
  • Copywriting
  • Website Development (including Conversion Rate Optimisation)
  • Link Building

Our principle aim is to provide high-quality consultancy based on the ideology of working closely with our clients to produce superior results. Whilst all our services may not be appropriate or achievable for all clients, it is imperative that the full suite of potential tools are considered with our clients to ensure that a campaign has the greatest opportunity for success.

We engage heavily with detailed analytics and conversion rate optimisation, along with the traditional tools of content and link development (and, of course, social media outreach) for the optimal benefit of the long-term targets of a campaign.

In order to ensure we are at the forefront of best practice, we are active in producing (and reacting to) fresh marketing research and we contribute regularly to the global dialogue on the search marketing industry, with recognition from globally respected commentators (our SMR 13, a ground-breaking survey on the state of search marketing, was recognised by Moz in their top 10).

SMR 13

This activity is disseminated to all staff through regular company-wide training events at our head office to ensure that we are all up to speed with the latest SEO and SEM trends and search engine guidelines.

Our Mission Proposition

  • Long Term Success

We will only ever do what we feel is right for the future–proofing of your campaign.

  • Flexibility

We will use important data to have good quality; data lead conversations during project planning and remain flexible as to the customers’ requirements and targets.

  • Communication

The success of digital marketing relies on all aspects of a campaign working in harmony and this strategic dovetailing relies on regular and clear communication between all parties.

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Should you have any questions or queries, please feel free to Contact Us.